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What does your retail space say about your business?

Your office or store's interior should complement and reinforce your brand, but it can also serve to enhance your products and services. Materials, lighting, signage and colors are all part of the mix. We bring an awareness and understanding to office & store design and believe that everything featured on the inside; from marketing materials, to your signage and displays all say something about your business.

We’ve helped clients throughout the Southern Illinois, Saint Louis and Evansville region with Retail & Office Design. Not to be confused with an “interior” design company, we focus on creating immersive Brand experiences for your customers by enhancing visuals, signage, lighting, music and graphics in retail/office settings. Before you pull out the paintbrush, let James Arthur Design Co help create an interior store design for your retail or office space. Hire us for your next project!

Global Brew Interior

Chiropractic Office Store Window

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Consistency is important in your brand; especially color. Color by itself can increases Brand recognition by up to 80% What color is your Brand?

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