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“We’re all small company. We wouldn’t benefit from having a Brand. Right?” Wrong. Dead wrong. In this case, size doesn't matter. While a business of any size would benefit from having the proper Brand crafted for them, it is especially important for a small business. Why? Well for one reason; money. It's tough to compete against companies with 6 digit marketing budgets…so why not even the odds. Give your customers a unique experience with your attention to detail and they’ll spread the word and keep coming back for more. Let James Arthur Design Co design your Brand.

How do we design a Brand? We accomplish this by defining what makes you unique through Logo, Visuals and interior. By saying the right things on the right type of website and proper social media platform. By suggesting things we as consumers would be excited to see in your business. By supporting a unique message in everything your business does. And most importantly, by consistency. Then we work this through your marketing collateral through Graphic Design.

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No Brand is complete without a Brand’s most recognizable element; a Logo. When properly designed, a Logo can say what you do, and how you do it without saying much of anything at all. James Arthur Design Co has experience in designing elegant logos, funny logos, serious logos, hand-drawn logos and more. We design Logos to be instantly recognizable and to resonate emotionally on behalf of your customers. Interestingly enough, a Logo Design does not have to be complex to properly support the Brand. Executed in the right way, a simple logo can be just as powerful as a Logo dripping with heavy illustration. We’ve created logo designs for clients in the Southern Illinois, Saint Louis and Evansville region and as far away as Phoenix Arizona and King Salmon Alaska. We’d love to design a logo for your company too.

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Consistency is important in your brand; especially color. Color by itself can increases Brand recognition by up to 80% What color is your Brand?

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