Will your potential customers think of your business first?

Lets spread the word about your business with a heavy dose of top-of-mind awareness. We can help identify channels that will work for your business and establish timely releases in order to stay fresh in the eyes of your consumers. From streaming radio, to old-school billboards, they can all help put you on top your competitors when customers decide to make a move.

Traditional forms of advertising media vs digital forms of advertising media; What’s best for you?

It really depends on your type of business and where your customers are mostly likely to see your message. If you have an online storefront only, then it makes more sense to allocate more advertising resources to digital forms of advertising. Retargeting, banner ads, email marketing being a few examples we’d suggest. Most clients, however, can benefit from a blend of both traditional and digital forms of advertising. Working in tandem, they offer the most opportunity to position your Brand in front of a wide target audience. In the Southern Illinois, Saint Louis and Evansville Region, there are many advertising opportunities for your business. Let James Arthur Design Co assist you with your Advertising campaign to get your message in front of your customers. Hire us for your next project!

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Consistency is important in your brand; especially color. Color by itself can increases Brand recognition by up to 80% What color is your Brand?

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